We help agencies gain insight by surfacing narratives tied to a client's brand, industry, and competitors.

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Case Studies

Quarterly Brand Review

Gain full visibility on the stories and events driving coverage for your brand and competitors

Measure & Assess

Determine the spread and impact of your outreach efforts, and explore news coverage around your brand

Campaign Development

Inform your strategy with data-driven insights on the themes and storylines gaining traction with target audiences

Win New Business

Understand the data through unique views for deep research and discovery

When do agencies turn to Quid?

"Quid's ability to play a critical role in synthesizing data really quickly and our ability to extract insights form the platform to inform different areas of business that are making real time decisions is invaluable."

Aaron Bernstein, Senior Director of Insights & Advocacy @ Walmart

Quid is a trusted partner for some of the world's top companies and brands

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